Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies


Regional Sales Executive (daytime employment)

Ability to make independent decisions and to take his own responsibilities; active professional increase-salesconduct and ability to learn new nomenclature of products.
Persuasive, carrying out tasks and achieving goals effectively to planned working hours; working with search engines, as widely as possible in order to sell a whole range of goods; possessing telephone sales techniques and negotiation skills;
knowledge of 1C version 8.0-8.2.


Preference given to candidates with experience in active sales. Knowledge of 1C version 8.0-8.2. Excellent communication skills; energetic, active life position, result-minded, with a responsible attitude to work, a presentable appearance and a speech ability.

Salary: depending on qualification; with seasonality of 35-60 thousand rubbles and above; For a 3 months trial period, 26,000 rubbles.

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